Monday, February 15, 2010

A Few New Artists

Recently I've been hearing projects from some up-and-coming artists and I figured I would put some of their music up and let you be the judge of their skills. The new artists being introduced in this post are: Machine Gun Kelly, Johnny Polygon, and Childish Gambino.

Machine Gun Kelly - He has a pretty distinct voice and fast flow. Fun fact: He was the first rapper to ever win Amateur Night at the Apollo.

100 Words and Running

Leave Me Alone ft. Rock City

Also, check out a video of his HERE.
Johnny Polygon - Johnny is signed to DJ Green Lantern and his Future Green Entertainment label. Fun fact: He started off as a breakdancer/B-Boy before he got into rapping.

The Riot Song

Get Right ft. Amanda Diva
Childish Gambino - A fellow Usain reader told me about this one, he has a lot of clever wordplay and a very distinct voice. Fun fact: Childish Gambino, real name Donald Glover, is a writer from 30 Rock and Mystery Team as well as a comedian from UCB.


Starlight ft. DC Pierson and Amber Petty

If you enjoyed some of the songs posted above, here are the links to their mixtapes. Also, you can click the artists' names above to visit their websites.

Machine Gun Kelly - 100 Words And Running (mixtape)
Johnny Polygon - Rebel Without Applause (mixtape)
Childish Gambino - Poindexter (mixtape)


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