Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Drake

Word. I bump way too much of this guy's music.

A few more songs:

Nutt Da Kid: Stunt Hard Feat. Drake & Lil Wayne

Stunt Hard dropped back in August of 08 and features catchy verses from Wayne and Drake. Nutt Da Kid's verse is good enough to keep up.
"And I smoke that shit that smell like when ya take ya cast off / And I got them beach bitches like, David Hasselhoff." - Weezy

Drake: Juice

Juice has an awesome beat (Boi-1da, who, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers), sampling Suzanne Vega's 'Tom's Diner'. You'll recognize it as soon as you listen.
"I'm still Fly, you can't float/ Run this shit, Usain Bolt" - Drake

Colin Munroe: Cannon Ball Feat. Drake

Cannon ball is a Colin Munroe song with a Drake guest spot. The song itself has a chill Coldplay type vibe with a solid Drake verse.
"And I hope when dinner's cold my n****as do not dessert/desert me" - Drake

Drake: The Winner

The Winner demonstrates Drake's ridiculous ability to form one-liners. The beat, produced by Tha Bizness, could use some work, and hopefully gets that work before this song makes it to Thank Me Later.
"Bunk Bed flow, always one level above" - Drake

Drake: Push Cash

Finally, a cut taken from DJ Noodles's awesome Ready to Fly mash-up mixtape. The tape is comprised of Drake songs blended over some great beats. In this case, Drake's 'Unstoppable' is blended over the beat for Rick Ross's "Push it". Nothing new here, but totally awesome result.




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