Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lil Wayne: Drop the World ft. Eminem

The much anticipated Lil' Wayne and Eminem collaboration has finally dropped. Off of Lil' Wayne's upcoming rock n roll album Rebirth which is now scheduled to be released December 21st. Apparently Amazon is responsible for the early leak of parts of this album, reportedly prematurely shipping 500 copies to some of the people that pre-ordered the album.

Judge this hyped collaboration yourself, with its rap verses draped over the rock n roll chorus and sick beat. Eminem returns to his natural voice for this song offering incredible optimism for his upcoming album Relapse: The Refill, to be released December 21st to act as a hold over until the release of Relapse 2 early 2010, which features five new songs. Eminem promises that both the refill and relapse 2 return to songs that are more emotionally driven for eminem making songs with more "feeling."
Check out this article for more info regarding Eminem's next 2 drops.

Drop The World- Lil' Wayne featuring Eminem

Download it here: Drop the World


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